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In New York, law enforcement is authorized to effectuate an arrest when they have probable cause to believe that you took part in any situations against law. Since arrests exist in a wide variety of situations, it is not easy to predict with any precision the exact circumstances that somebody who's arrested will encounter. This is a small guide to supply you details about arrest and bail process in New York City. Contact the New York Arraignment Lawyer

Arrest process in New York City

When you are arrested, you're typically brought to the neighborhood police precinct. At the precinct, the police will search you and also take personal belongings for example house keys, backpacks, purses, medication, cash, or valuable jewelry, in addition to any unlawful items you happen to have in your possession (contraband).Officer takes a voucher form and fills all these information. You would be because of the voucher number which you may later use to gather your belongings. Contraband would be represented as arrest evidence. If you are faced with a crime you will then be fingerprinted and photo graphed and if you are charged with an offense you won't be fingerprinted.

After mother and father done all the paperwork you will be either issued a Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT) or else you will be transported to the court for your arraignment.

Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT) and Bail procedure in New York City

Instead of being transported to Court to see the court immediately after your arrest, the police may issue and to come in Court at a later date and release you from custody. The DAT will direct you to personally appear before the court for the formal arraignment on a date 2 to 3 weeks later on. At this stage the judge will determine the bail status. Getting a DAT is helpful because it means that you needn't be detained in prison every day and night before seeing the judge.


With an attorney, arraignment process should not even have a minute in New York City.
The main objective of the arraignment is to counsel you of the bills you are facing and to determine your custody or bail status. The Judge will set bail, release you on your own recognizance (ROR), or conditionally release you to definitely the custody of the Probation Department (CRP).

Factors that determine a bail

• Seriousness of the charge - If it's an easy offence bail would be easy however if it is a strong class Electric power charge then no money can release you which means you would not get a bail and also you could be in remand.
• Prior criminal history - You would receive a nominal bail if you have no prior criminal history compared to multiple criminal offense history.
• Whether you're related to community - Do you have a house, are you currently married, are you a citizen would be the possible questions the judge would request you to determine your association with the community. If you're associated it's much more likely that you would return when you're required.

What's Bail Bond?

When one is arrested and receives a bail he should pay specific amount to court to be able to leave jail until trial. The payment is really a method in which the court might help ensure that the accused will appear at any future court dates. In some instances, the quantity of bail might be more than the accused will pay by him or her. In these instances, bail bonds may be useful since they allow people to pay some percentage of their bail - often 10%, this is what’s called bail bond. Courts typically refund the initial bail amount when the accused shows up it’s their court dates.

The reason why you require a criminal attorney in NY

The entire process from arrest to appearing before court could be really frustrating particularly if you are faced with a criminal violence or offence in NY. It is not necessary that one understands all the rules and regulations associated with the process and is inside a mindset to know the whole scenario. Hence, it is very vital that you possess a criminal attorney with you at this stage. Judges will sometimes consider the fact that a defendant has appeared with attorney as an indication that you are taking the charges seriously and it is less of a flight risk. Get More Information

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